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I’m a Harry girl who loves H&L!

omg DUH, i can’t believe i forgot you, maggie, lmao. 

harry stan h&l blogs

i’ve seen some asks for some “harry girl” h&l blogs (and there really aren’t many of us compared to louis stan h&l blogs) so i just made a list of people i follow that i know are fellow hardcore ride or die harry stans like me and also all-around great people/blogs :)


@outsidermalik: I have an update for the update accounts but they never seem to pay attention cool

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Let's be honest, that morphing isn't the first time Louis has gone into Harry


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I'm new to the fandom so I watched a bunch of interviews quickly and I noticed the difference in Harry in interviews with Louis and in ones without. Everyone focuses on Louis's fond but Harry sort of glows when Louis is around and looks young and lit up from the inside (ie yougen, 1D day) compared to when he is in those separated interviews where he is cute and funny but more held back? It's like watching Harry become 2010/11 Harry when Louis's around. It's sweet. Just thought I'd share haha


Harry is an actual sparkle when Louis is around, Louis is his (beyonce voice) halo