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I’m pretty sure what people think is “you can’t sit together” is one of the paps saying something like “get closer together” while he was trying to take pics.

well someone does clearly say “you can’t sit together” but based on the proximity to the person holding the camera, it sounds like they’re talking to fans. i think kati made a post about it actually.

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unpopular opinion(s) : 1) "can i give you a blowjob" and 2) "don't say it!.... that he's gay" also never happened. no idea where people even got those from tbh

1. agree 

2. disagree

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I actually kinda do hear them say that. But, someone definitely didn’t say “you can’t sit together!” lol

okay, i just watched it again cuz i haven’t watched it in forever tbh, lol. can’t tell at all what harry says and the damn music is so loud in the background that i can’t make out clearly what louis says. but yeah, the “you can’t sit together” was not directed to them. i find this whole thing irrelevant tbh because ofc he wanted to sit next to harry lol. the body language of harry and louis during this moment is way more interesting to me tbh. verrrrrrry coupley :)

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unpopular opinion: "where do you wanna sit/next to you" never happened


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Hi could you pls maybe post your phone wallpaper for people to use bc I really love it

sure :)

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Liam is kind of annoying and boring a lot of the time.


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'sit and admire what he’s like' *sobs*


Harry definitely practices what he preaches



send me unpopular opinions and i can only reply with “agree” or “disagree”

Remember how Niall had “I fucking love cock” written on his hand?


Remember that time that Niall had “I <3 Harry’s willy” written on his hand?



Harry & Louis being cute as per usual during UAN
Brisbane April 18, 2012

Bonus: Harry’s fond face that you can’t really see in the bottom 2 gifs.

quite liking my new phone wallpaper i made from my edit lol

quite liking my new phone wallpaper i made from my edit lol